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see how you can help hire freight!


Logistics and transportation are increasingly highlighted in organizations as one of the most strategic sectors, as they move billions of billions around the world annually. Thus, the search for technological improvements and investments is increasingly necessary.

Carriers are looking for ways to become more profitable, balancing the constant variations in their costs against providing the highest quality service to their shipper customers. Thinking of contributing to this scenario, the Next Log initiative was born, which aims to provide digital solutions to the most varied needs of this transport ecosystem.

It is a platform that aims to provide valuable solutions and make logistics activities more efficient, agile, competitive and relevant in the market. Want to better understand this solution and its differentials? So, read on!

What is Next Log and how did it come about?

The Next Log initiative was born from the will of two companies, eSales and, who believe in the collaborative economic model and digital transformation for the entire transport ecosystem. It is a marketplace that brings together services, content, and special terms for carriers of all sizes and locations across the country. And it is made up of several business partners who aspire to the same will and recognize the use of technology as a driver of change for the industry.

The digital transformation has offered several opportunities in the areas of logistics and supply chain and, as a result, the customer increasingly needs agility, simplicity and transparency in their operations. The solution works in the following way: the marketplace is a kind of virtual shopping center, which brings together several companies and solutions in one place, making it easier to find the best product, service and terms.

Simply go to the Marketplace page and choose one or more of the service options available from partner companies. After selecting the most suitable service for your business, all you have to do is fill out the form and wait for the contact for a more dedicated service.

What are your differentiators?

Among the main differentials of Next Log we can highlight:

  • diversity of partners pre-assessed to meet the needs of carriers, always offering the best solutions;
  • differentiated service offers that can only be found on the platform;
  • innovative portfolio, created by partners who believe in and practice digital transformation.

In other words, it is an innovative tool, born precisely to contribute to the world of transport, encompassing carriers, independent drivers and fleet owners in general.

The concept is to create and establish itself as a platform where the carrier can, in one place, find a solution to the various daily pains, such as a platform for varied freight offers, personalized applications for the logistics, document management, solutions and payment management, logistics consulting and other services.

So, the idea is that all the solutions can be found simply and efficiently. And the difference lies precisely in this search for customers to adapt to this new digital era which is arriving in transport.

What is the role of eSales in the growth of Next Log?

eSales is always attentive to market developments, plays a fundamental role in the growth of Next Log, and thus contributes to the search for new partners to strengthen the market place. A constant search for companies sharing the same synergy and contributing to the growth of companies.

In practice, we observe the needs and major trends of the sector. If a certain company has this vision centered on the digital transformation and the collaborative sense, we will certainly seek it for a partnership.

Later, this company will demonstrate its service / product to the founders of Next Log who are looking to understand, in a more strategic way, how this new partnership can bring not only to Next Log, but mainly to the transportation segment. And since everyone is aligned with the guidelines of the initiative, the process of integrating that partner into the market begins.

How does eSales help outsource freight?

At Next Log, eSales helps with the Freight Contract Platform, which is a product made available by the company. And this serves the two main fronts of a logistics distribution process, putting shippers and their offerings in contact with carriers from different regions.

In this way, within the market, eSales helps carriers receive more freight offers, thus increasing their productivity and profitability.

By registering simply and free of charge on the Freight Contracting platform, the carrier goes through an approval procedure by verifying his RNTRC registration with the ANTT and within a maximum of 48 hours, he becomes able to receive several offers. loads.

The shipper, in turn, can also purchase the eSales solution to expand their options for transportation partners and improve their freight quoting and contracting process. Learn more in this other article.

How to follow and learn more about Next Log?

One of the pillars of Next Log aims to produce content, in order to strengthen and publicize the initiative.

So, every two months, Next Log promotes webinars, with very current topics and focused on this segment. In September we will have the 4th event of the year, where we will again bring together qualified professionals with market expertise to debate relevant issues and generate knowledge for our audience.

Still within the pillar focused on content production, Next Log is coming out of the oven in the coming days, a sector inquiry to be broadcast between September and October, entitled – Logistics mirror. The intention of the survey is precisely to get to know the sector better and identify its needs to help understand the use and trends of technology in Brazilian logistics.

As we can see, the transport and logistics sector generates direct impacts by contributing to the development of the country. Therefore, it is essential to have all the innovations and trends provided by technological advancements in order to further improve the segment.

Thus, reinforcing this reflection, Next Log has been developed with the aim of becoming a collaborative initiative that brings together companies and people interested in improving the transport ecosystem in Brazil, promoting process optimization, growth and sector efficiency.

Do you want to know more about how the solution works and which partners are involved in order to offer the best service to carriers? Or do you want to be a partner and drive the initiative with us? Go to our page now!


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