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new rules and how to calculate

5 minutes to read In July 2019, the ANTT (National Land Transport Agency) approved the legislation which determines the rules for calculating the minimum freight floor. At the time, the values ​​did not suit the category and it was not until November that Resolution 5,849 was definitively established. Some things have changed since. Therefore, it … Read more

know what it is and what it is for!

6 minutes to read It should be noted how the Freight Payment Law simplified this sector, making it easier to control supplies, tolls, services, repairs, etc. Among the different sectors of the Brazilian economy, the transport segment stands out for the number of regulations, after all, it is in the public interest that this category … Read more

learn more about it in this article!

It is common for companies to have bottlenecks and flaws in their processes. However, what cannot happen is that these problems are not fixed, or even identified. The Theory of Constraints deals precisely with the smooth running of activities, so that the company is more and more efficient and productive. If this is a new … Read more

discover the tips to do it correctly!

Each company, regardless of the tax regime in which it is included, is subject to mandatory information on its transactions, taxes paid, invoicing and other data that may be of interest to the tax administration. This task is performed through tax accounting. Indeed, it is a process of formal registration of tax documents and information … Read more

find out what they are and how they can be used in shipping!

BIDs are essential for shippers to do good business with carriers. When the process takes place according to well-defined criteria, both parties win, contributing to a lasting relationship. It should also be noted that a good IDB helps the business to be more competitive and efficient in delivering goods to customers. Throughout this text, we … Read more

Supply logistics: know your advantages!

Supply logistics is one of the pillars of factory production. In other words, before the sale of materials and finished products, it is necessary to concentrate on this activity to make the operation last. Therefore, we cannot talk about the transportation process without addressing this very important activity. In this article, we will explain this … Read more

Why does my business need a proof of delivery system?

In a logistics company, there are certain points that must be taken into account in order for the company to achieve satisfactory results and ensure customer satisfaction. Proof of delivery is one of them. For this stage of the process to run smoothly and in an automated manner, having a system that contributes to the … Read more

see some tips to use!

Depending on the product, there can be many processes and steps until it reaches the end consumer. In addition, it is desirable that the costs can be minimized, as well as the so-called delivery time, which is the time interval between the registration of the customer’s order and the arrival at the destination. Supply chain … Read more

see the impacts of the pandemic!

When we talk about logistics and supply chain, it is important to understand that supply chain is about the macro-process, while logistics is an integral part of this process. In other words, it is not about different things, but complementary. So if any of these steps are broken, there will be a huge impact. As … Read more