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Next Log launches a sector inquiry into Brazilian carriers


Only knowledge transforms.

Based on this premise, Next Log, an initiative led by eSales and, is launching a sector inquiry aimed at Brazilian carriers.

The collaborative action, which also has the backing of other companies, such as GPRLOG, Loggup, idwall, Monaco, Mutuus, Oobj and StarGrid, has been named “Logistic Mirror” and is available for companies to participate and share information. on their daily life. since September 1.

Logistics mirror: an industry survey of carriers

The questions are divided into seven sections and it takes 10 minutes to complete them. Thus, it will be possible to know the digital maturity of carriers, through the main issues encountered, their use of technology and their vision of collaboration in the sector.

How long can I respond?

The survey will receive responses by the end of October. From there, Next Log will analyze the data collected and participating carriers will have the results firsthand, with a individual diagnosis for each responding company, mapping of its impact on the current transport market. The full report is expected to be released in early December.

Be a part of this transformation with the Industry Carrier Survey!

“Espelho Logístico responds to one of the bases of Next Log: knowledge. Deepening our understanding of the transport sector in Brazil will help us recognize its challenges, profile and needs in detail, indicating the paths in which we have the greatest development potential ”, explains Voltér Trein, CRO of eSales.

About the next journal project

Next Journal is a collaborative initiative that brings together companies, people and entities interested in boosting the transport segment in Brazil with the aim of promoting the development and efficiency of the sector.

We work together to drive growth and opportunities for businesses in the industry and harness their potential through comprehensive collaboration around content, services and community building.

We believe in unity and collaboration and on digital transformation catalysts for the evolution of transport companies to the next level.

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