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In the field of logistics, the better your planning, the more precise your deliveries will be, as well as your budget. For this reason, it is important to invest in freight simulation to ensure a more efficient understanding of the value, in addition to optimizing the calculation. This tool should be viewed as a solution that, in addition to offering value, allows for a more precise financial health of your business.

In this sense, we have prepared this material for you to check out what are the main mistakes it helps to avoid and some of the differentials. Read on and learn more!

What are the main advantages of the freight simulator for the company?

First of all, let’s understand some of the main advantages of the freight simulator for the business. To verify!

Choose the most competitive value

The freight simulator guarantees the choice of the most competitive value for each situation. In a business, there are many ways to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors. By reaching different levels in this regard, there is the possibility of attracting and retaining more customers, in addition to training propagators of your business (i.e. your own audience encourages the coming of new people. ).

Thanks to the freight simulator, in a timely manner, the company will be able to make a more competitive calculation, which increases the satisfaction of its customers with the company.

Offers more agility

In the company, it is still necessary to look for alternatives which allow its professionals to exercise more strategic functions. If people on your team have to do manual calculations to arrive at a freight price, in addition to increasing the chances of error (mainly due to the number of daily invoices), that employee loses the opportunity to perform demands which, in fact, impact the macro bottom line of the company.

Thus, a freight simulator also contributes to:

  • increased productivity;
  • less retouching;
  • greater efficiency in deliveries.

Cost reduction

Whenever we mention a tool that helps reduce errors and make the team more productive, we are referring to cost reduction. After all, the chances of having values ​​higher than usual decrease, in addition to more precise calculations.

What mistakes does this practice avoid?

Below we have selected a few mistakes that practice helps to avoid. To verify!

Calculation of values

As we have seen, customer satisfaction involves many factors. If your business miscalculates the cost of freight, there is a risk of loss of credibility, which would damage the image of the business as a whole, including on social media. Thus, the freight simulator, by automating this emission, also contributes to the correct calculation of values, which directly impacts the relationship with its audience.

Information about the delivery process

A freight simulator not only offers exact calculations regarding services, it also provides information related to the delivery process, such as the time frame to complete that order. In this way, there is the possibility of transmitting exact data to those who contact your service, which is yet another differential in building this link.

What should you consider when choosing a tool like this?

Also, it is important that the business knows some important factors about what to assess when choosing a tool like this. In this sense, we bring some tips that help in this process.

Development and management solutions

First, understand if this company also offers management and integration solutions. So that all your business relationships are optimized, whether they are customers, suppliers or other organizations. Thus, there is an opportunity to promote the integration between these partners and the logistics of your company, by reflecting on the quality of the service provided.

Recording of services

In order for your business to have more precise control over the processes that take place in logistics, it is essential to have a record of all executed requests. For this reason, the ideal is that your company is looking for a tool that performs audits, in which the performance of all activities carried out by operators will be revealed. In addition to offering relevant information for decision making, this is another competitive advantage of the company.

Information obtained by the tool

In addition, it is ideal that you demonstrate the solution, so that you can see what the main information obtained by the tool is. Among the topics to which the team can have access, we highlight:

  • number of e-TCs issued;
  • graphs with data, which report the expenses incurred with the transport to the company;
  • conference of all executed freight;
  • the total of deliveries made on time and out of time;
  • consultation of all delivery receipts, among other things.

Automation of the freight process

As we have seen, one of the advantages of using the freight simulator and a complete tool in this regard is the reduction of errors, as it automates different functions. In this sense, check the possibilities offered by tools that eliminate the need for manual calculations, as well as reducing the need to attach information in spreadsheets. Thus, you will transmit more confidence to customers, suppliers and other partners.

Error checking

Finally, analyze the tool’s ability to identify possible errors in your logistics process. Understand: there are solutions, for example, that can identify differences even in the charges sent by carriers. Thus, there is the possibility of evaluating the cases that have registered some type of discrepancy, so that there is the possibility of checking directly with the company in question.

In this material, we explain what freight simulation is, what the differences are in having one, in addition to giving advice on what should be evaluated when finding a tool. In order for all the presented gains to be appreciated more easily, it is ideal if your company has a good plan to implement the solution, in addition to presenting this differential to the employees, so that they buy the idea and are interested in know the characteristics of the tool.

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