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Leader in logistics and supply chain: find out some tips!


The leader in logistics and supply chain plays a very relevant role in the sector. However, with so much responsibility, developing good leadership becomes a challenge, as it involves tasks such as stimulating and motivating the team, developing the skills and competencies inherent in the position, among other important aspects to obtain the best results.

But how do you become a good logistics and supply chain leader and lead a team with confidence and efficiency? Read this content to find out!

What characteristics are part of a leader’s profile?

Being a good leader involves developing certain characteristics, for example:

  • be organized and disciplined;
  • know how to manage your time;
  • have determination;
  • delegate tasks competently;
  • extract the best from employees;
  • have in-depth knowledge of logistics to determine the best strategies;
  • understand the rules of the company, etc.

How to be a good leader in Logistics and Supply Chain?

There are certain steps that can be used to become the ideal leader. Check out the main ones below!

1. Analyze in depth the structure of the company

It is necessary to be familiar with business processes, such as logistics, inventory, sales, manufacturing and others. In this way, it is easier to structure ideas and plan efficient logistics management. In addition, the leader is able to have relevant data to apply his theoretical and technical knowledge more adequately.

2. Provide growing conditions for team members

Recognizing the potential and limits of each person builds self-confidence and increases motivation at work. This is because professionals feel understood and valued, and it is possible to see how important they are to achieving the goals and objectives set by the logistics industry.

This understanding of what the company expects from them, and how their contributions are essential to the success of the company, generates impacts not only on the expansion of the company, but also on the professional development of each employee. .

3. Learn how to give and receive feedback

A good leader must be able to maintain a communication relationship with his team. Encouraging employees to talk about their ideas and suggestions is essential to create a relationship of trust, where each member can feel motivated to provide solutions to achieve results.

After delegating tasks, it is also important to give periodic feedback to recognize good work and provide constructive feedback on areas for improvement.

4. Invest in knowledge

Managers need to be concerned with their professional training, keep abreast of new trends in the field and improve their technical and managerial skills. Keep in mind that the market changes frequently and the methodologies applied to the processes change as well. Those who don’t innovate end up being left behind.

5. Know how to guide the team

When a leader is determined and focused, he or she can have a good read on team time and their own, which simplifies the development of strategies that will actually contribute to the development of an effective business plan. Thus, the chances of success are greater, the accompaniment and the delegation of roles also become more appropriate.

6. Focus on growing the business

Another problem is related to the performance of tasks for the sole purpose of achieving set goals. In other words, it is necessary to focus on business development, paying attention to the most important processes that will generate results for the business.

Now that you know how to become a successful logistics and supply chain leader, it is recommended that you put into practice the tips presented and avoid the mistakes that, when made, can put the whole business at risk. leadership roles, such as centralizing work and preventing team development, are insecure, lack the necessary skills and competencies, and too much.

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