Innovations in the supply chain: know why to invest!


Every day more, it is necessary that the processes involving the supply chain are optimized. Effective management has many impacts, such as reducing the price to the end customer and increasing customer loyalty. Thus, knowing the innovations of the Supply Chain allows managers to better understand the main solutions available on the market.

In addition to explaining the concept of Supply Chain (or supply chain), throughout the text, we will mention its main advantages. We will also talk about the main trends that must be observed for the company to stand out from its competitors and the current reality of digital transformation.

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What is the supply chain?

The Supply Chain is the integrated management of all stages of a product, from obtaining inputs (in the case of an industry) to distribution to the customer. It is closely linked to the logistics sector, in addition to being more complex in terms of process, because the Supply Chain exceeds the limits of a company. In other words, it is a holistic approach, requiring the collection and processing of a lot of market data and population consumption trends.

Therefore, supply chain management has a strong analytical character. This functionality helps managers formulate more effective strategies, for example to improve stock routines and relationship with commercial suppliers.

What are the advantages of investing in Supply Chain innovations?

Bringing more clarity and agility to supply chain routines makes the supply chain extremely beneficial. All stages are now better monitored, through performance indicators, helping managers to make decisions that are more and more consistent with the market and consumer trends.

Process optimization

In an industry, for example, it is not uncommon for processes to be inefficient or need to be automated. In this sense, the Supply Chain works to optimize these activities, in order to simplify the steps and reduce the incidence of errors resulting from manual and repetitive work.

Cost reduction

Cost savings are directly linked to process optimization. As the Supply Chain adds value and increases agility in the stages of the production chain, this not only reduces expenses, but also makes them visible. In other words, the integration of sectors promoted by the Supply Chain allows a more systemic vision, in order to more easily identify operational waste and bottlenecks.

most satisfactory results

From negotiations with suppliers to distribution, the Supply Chain aims to improve results, both in terms of turnover and customer satisfaction. Therefore, all stages of the production chain are subject to the process of continuous improvement, being an indispensable point to increase the competitiveness and growth of companies.

What are the main innovations in Supply Chain?

The Supply Chain does not exist without technology. All the benefits mentioned here and many more are only possible through solutions aligned with digital transformation. Some of the main innovations in this regard include:

  • digital twins help managers make the right decisions based on a virtual representation of the supply chain;

  • immersive experience, includes user interaction in the supply chain. This can be done using devices such as tablets and cell phones;
  • hyper automation, the aim of which is to further strengthen the machine, using artificial intelligence and machine learning in the automation of the entire supply chain.

Supply Chain innovations generate major impacts on supply chain management. As we have seen, optimized processes can contribute, among other things, to reducing costs and obtaining satisfactory results. In addition, managers now have a more global vision of the company, which increases the clarity and efficiency of the decisions taken.

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