Why is EDI integration with senders so important? Understand!

If you could increase agility, reduce errors, reduce costs, and improve security in the exchange of information between carrier and shipper, what would the result be? It would certainly increase your competitiveness in the market. The technology capable of providing all of these benefits is known as EDI integration. It can be adopted by businesses … Read more

What is dry cargo? Find out more here!

There are different types of freight that must be known by transport managers, and each of them has its own characteristics and special care. One of the most common types of freight in the country is dry freight, so it is important to understand the measures to avoid delivery issues. Read in this article what … Read more

8 tips to sell more shipping on your carrier

One of the most common questions for a carrier is, how do you sell more freight? This question is very relevant, after all, companies have to sell in order to get income, profit and, therefore, to continue to operate and grow in the market. This reality is no different with respect to carriers, and the … Read more

find out what it is, how to calculate and much more!

The freight of a transport operation includes a wide range of costs, and it is essential that professionals in the field look at the subject and understand the main concepts involved, such as Ad Valorem. This is a charge included in the freight that should be used by carriers to minimize their risk and avoid … Read more

Know the main types of freight vehicles

Road freight transport is responsible for handling 90% of all Brazilian goods, according to data collected by ILOS. Due to the size of this market and its strong competitiveness, it is essential that managers and professionals in the sector know the main types of cargo vehicles in order to know how to choose the vehicles … Read more

6 Tax obligations of carriers to be monitored

One of the biggest challenges for Brazilian businessmen in the current scenario is the large number of existing tax obligations. This factor increases bureaucracy and administrative workload, hampering and slowing the growth of many businesses. Thus, in the transport sector, this reality would be no different: the logistics costs, added to the high tax burden … Read more

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Globalized CTe is a type of knowledge that can be issued by a carrier when providing a service that involves several recipients or shippers, but a single borrower. It was created to facilitate carrier operations and must follow the provisions of the CTe 3.0 integration manual as well as SEFAZ resolution n ° 2833/17. Do … Read more