Continuous supply chain: here are some useful tips!

Maintaining a continuous supply chain, focused on optimizing and integrating the entire life cycle of products and business operations, such as the acquisition of raw materials, supplies, storage, transportation, among others, is essential for the success of any business. This is because maintaining the flow of production processes effectively contributes to quality processes, on-time deliveries … Read more

Inbound and outbound freight management: find out more!

The management of inbound and outbound freight should be as efficient as possible, as it has a direct impact on the customer’s perception of the business. If the merchandise takes longer than expected to reach the consumer, this tends to generate dissatisfaction. Likewise, a supplier who delivers inputs late will contribute to the first scenario … Read more

now understand what are the main advantages!

5 minutes to read The logistics industry is a segment full of bureaucracies and details. It would be no different in one of the most important stages of this production chain: payment. With this in mind, we have created this fundamental content for the daily life of your fleet, presenting the best solution in this … Read more

Find out how to make it more efficient!

4 minutes to read The shipping value has a big impact on the customer’s preference for one or the other company, and can cause them to forgo a purchase if it is too high. So companies that don’t have their own fleet always look for carriers with the lowest freight rates. Values ​​are generally negotiable, … Read more

find out what it is and how it works!

4 minutes to read In 2018, the ANTT Cargo Table was established to support the country’s road freight transport market. Understanding what this board is and how it works is essential to be able to optimize the fleet and avoid losses. In times of turbulence, it is even more important to manage resources well to … Read more

see the top 3 problems found!

4 minutes to read As we all know, transport operations are among the most detailed and technical in a business. For this reason, it is normal for management to subject its processes to review and analysis by external observation, what we call a cargo audit. But, after all, do you know the purpose of this … Read more

new rules and how to calculate

5 minutes to read In July 2019, the ANTT (National Land Transport Agency) approved the legislation which determines the rules for calculating the minimum freight floor. At the time, the values ​​did not suit the category and it was not until November that Resolution 5,849 was definitively established. Some things have changed since. Therefore, it … Read more

know what it is and what it is for!

6 minutes to read It should be noted how the Freight Payment Law simplified this sector, making it easier to control supplies, tolls, services, repairs, etc. Among the different sectors of the Brazilian economy, the transport segment stands out for the number of regulations, after all, it is in the public interest that this category … Read more