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Alfa Romeo: 5 Brand Geeks That Few Know

There are many recent car firms, and others have been legendary for decades. Some are even centenary! But all of them, especially the oldest ones, are full of anecdotes. However, not all are equally popular. An example is Alfa Romeo.

Here RCC Auto Transport Presenting 5 ‘geeks’ of the brand that few know … 

1 Alfa, without Romeo

The origins of what we now know as Alfa Romeo date back to 1910, which is why, 11 years ago, in the motor world, we celebrated the official centenary; In 2020, 110 years old, and now 111 candles would have to be prepared.

But to be strict, the story should have started a decade later because Alfa Romeo (with those two words finally put together) did not emerge until 1920 when industrial entrepreneur Nicola Romeo merged with Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili (ALFA). 

2 Quadrifoglio Green

The drivers of the early days of racing (what some even call the golden age) were just as superstitious (or more) than those of today. Therefore, it was not uncommon for them to decorate their racing cars with all kinds of charms drawn, as would also do the combatants in war. 

In the 1923 Targa Fiorio, Ugo Sivocci, known for the bad luck that always accompanied him, beat Ascari, Masetti, and Ferrari himself, giving Alfa Romeo the first international triumph of his career. As its winning car was decorated with a four-leaf clover, the brand has since adopted the ‘ quadrifoglio ‘ as a symbol of good fortune … and especially sporty versions. 

3 The role of Enzo Ferrari

Speaking of symbols and legendary drivers, we return to ‘Il Commendatore,’ Enzo Ferrari, who started as a self-made mechanic in the family workshop in Modena. And he immediately stood out as a driver, also for Alfa Romeo. When he adopted the famous ‘rampant horse’ as a symbol, as a tribute to an aviator shot down in the war who had that image on his airplane, he began to paint it on his racing cars as well. 

Later, he founded his own racing team ‘Scuderia Ferrari’ and began his career as an independent manufacturer from the official date of 1957. His badge would forever become one of the most famous and prestigious logos of all time. However, some ‘alfistas’ today, in a funny tone, recalling that split, continue to say that “a Ferrari is nothing more than a furious Alfa Romeo.” 

4 E-Type Inspiration

Enzo Ferrari himself is credited with saying that the legendary Jaguar E-Type was one of the “most beautiful cars ever built.” And 60 years after the birth of this vehicle, there is a lot of consensus among strangers themselves. 

But what not all motor enthusiasts – not Alfa Romeo or its brand geeks – know is that this model had a lot to do, in the inspiration of its designers, with the famous prototype Alfa Romeo 1900 C52 Disco Volante ‘. A prototype from 1952 that, like the Britannic (which was a production model), there were also coupe and spider bodies.   

5 ‘Last’ Alfa Romeo in history? 

And finally, we bring up the Alfa 75, one of the classic but recent cars, of the so-called ‘youngtimers’ and which is being priced the most now, especially in its ‘fatter’ versions. 

Along with its sporty spirit and rear-wheel drive, one of the main reasons is that this saloon, built between 1985 and 1992, is the last creation of the brand before it was acquired in 1987 by the Fiat Group. And for this reason, too, it is considered by many purists as “the last Alfa Romeo in History.” 

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